Can a Vet Tech Become a Vet?

Many people who are interested in working with animals may wonder if it is possible to become a veterinarian without going to veterinary school. The answer is yes! Veterinary technicians are vital members of the veterinary healthcare team who support veterinarians in providing care for animals.

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The Difference Between a Vet Tech and a Vet

A vet tech is not a veterinarian. A vet tech is a professional who works under the supervision of a veterinarian and has been trained to perform certain tasks. They are usually responsible for the day-to-day care of the animals, as well as assisting the veterinarian with procedures. A vet tech may also be responsible for taking x-rays, administering medications, and collecting lab samples.

The Educational Path

There is a common misconception that vet techs and vets are the same thing. While they are both involved in animal care, there are some key differences between the two professions. Vets are medical doctors who have completed an accredited veterinary medicine program, while vet techs are trained professionals who provide support to veterinarians.

The educational path to becoming a vet tech is shorter than that of a veterinarian. Most vet tech programs can be completed in two years or less, while becoming a veterinarian typically takes four years of undergraduate study followed by four years of veterinary school. In addition, vet techs must pass a national exam to become certified, while vets must pass state licensing exams.

While vet techs cannot prescribe medication or perform surgery, they do play an important role in animal care. Vet techs often provide basic medical care, assist with surgeries and help to educate pet owners on animal health and care.

Can a Vet Tech Become a Vet?

The short answer to this question is “no.” A veterinary technician (vet tech) is a professional who works under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. They are not licensed to perform the same medical procedures as a veterinarian.

The Educational Path

The majority of schools that offer a program to become a licensed veterinary technician require two years of schooling, although some offer four-year programs. There are many community colleges, technical colleges and even some universities across the United States that have licensed veterinary technician programs. Once you have completed an accredited program, you will need to pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) in order to become credentialed. The passing score for the VTNE is currently 400 out of 900 possible points.

The Job Market

The veterinary job market is tight, and it is getting tighter. The number of people graduating from veterinary school each year is not keeping up with the number of people retiring or leaving the profession. This means that there are more open positions for veterinarians than there are qualified candidates to fill them.

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