What Bad News Did The Old Sheep Deliver To Wilbur?

Wilbur has been chowing down on his fair share of food and is looking rather chubby. He’s thrilled with his expanding physique, but the sheep has terrible news for him: “They’re fattening you up because they’re going to murder you” (7.49).

Similarly, What bad news did the old sheep have for Wilbur?

What awful news did Wilbur get from the sheep? The sheep informed Wilbur that they were fattening him up in preparation for killing him around Christmastime and turning him into smoked bacon and ham.

Also, it is asked, What did the old sheep deliver to Wilbur?

Flies were despised by everyone on the property. What awful news did Wilbur get from the sheep? Wilbur was warned by the old sheep that he was destined to die.

Secondly, What did the old sheep tell Wilbur in Chapter 7?

Chapter VII Summary Wilbur’s feelings for Charlotte are becoming stronger by the day. Wilbur learns from the eldest sheep that the Zuckermans are fattening him up in order to slaughter him at Christmas and use his meat for ham and bacon.

Also, What was the bad news in Chapter 7 in Charlotte’s Web?

The sheep becomes the source, or horse, of some unpleasant news for Wilbur in Chapter 7 of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. The sheep’s quote: ‘I don’t want to bring terrible news to you,’ the sheep said, ‘but they’re fattening you up because they’re going to murder you.’

People also ask, What surprise is revealed in Chapter 8 of Charlotte’s Web?

Chapter 8: A Conversation at Home | Charlotte’s Web Summary Fern informs her parents at breakfast on Sunday that the goose’s eggs had all hatched, except for the “dud” egg Templeton rolled away for himself. Fern uses “language” from the barnyard to retell these incidents.

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How did the sheep convince Templeton to help Wilbur?

When Templeton eventually arrives, the old sheep persuades him to assist by convincing him that if he doesn’t help, he would starve to death since all of his food comes from Wilbur’s trough. There won’t be any leftover food for Templeton if Wilbur isn’t available to be fed.

How did Wilbur react to the news?

Wilbur did not react well to Charlotte’s news. In misery and pain, he hurled himself on the ground. Wilbur was screaming and galloping around his enclosure in a panic because he didn’t want to leave Charlotte.

How did the old sheep think Templeton could help Charlotte?

Ask Templeton for assistance, said the old sheep. Charlotte is skeptical that the self-centered rat will join their cause to rescue Wilbur. Templeton, on the other hand, may be useful since he can get magazine scraps from the landfill to aid with spelling.

What happened in the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web?

The first chapter of Charlotte’s Web introduces two primary characters: Fern, a little girl who lives on a farm with her Papa and Wilbur, a runt, or exceptionally tiny newborn piglet. Fern persuades her own father to preserve the tiny pig’s life and accepts care for him.

How does Wilbur feel when the Lamb calls him smelly?

Wilbur has a hard time from Templeton; the lamb tells him he stinks; and the geese refuses to play with him. All of this negativity might make a social little piggy like Wilbur feel lonely. But it’s the news that the Zuckermans want to, well, eat Wilbur that really gets Wilbur down.

What was the miracle in Charlotte’s Web?

The miracle occurs when the farmhand Lurvy comes in the barn one morning to find the spider has spelt out the words “Some Pig” in the midst of the web, as described in Chapter 11 of Charlotte’s Web.

What is Mrs Zuckerman’s name?

Zuckerman, Edith

What lesson does Wilbur learn in Chapter 9 of Charlotte’s Web?

Wilbur is terrified of death. Lesson Learned – It’s natural to feel scared when confronted with death. Charlotte consoles Wilbur by informing him that she is devising a strategy. She promises him, “I will not let you die.”

What is the name of Chapter 8 in Charlotte’s Web?

Chapter 8: A Conversation at Home

Where does Charlotte Web take place?

While the exact location of Charlotte’s Web is unknown, the novel’s action takes place at three different locations: the Arable’s farm, the Zuckerman’s farm, and the county fairs. The story begins at the Arable farm, where Fern pleads for Wilbur’s life before raising him beneath the apple tree.

What did the animals want Templeton to get from the dump?

What were the animals’ requests to Templeton? Templeton was instructed by the animals to cut out ads from magazines at the dump and bring them back to the barn so Charlotte could learn new language.

What words did Templeton find at the dump?

Why wasn’t it an appropriate term to use in Charlotte’s web? “Crunchy” was the first word Templeton discovered in the landfill. Charlotte was concerned that using the term crispy would make the Zuckermans think of crisp, crunchy ham and bacon.

What happens in chapter 12 of Charlotte’s Web?

Charlotte reveals that she has convened the conference in order to get recommendations from the other animals; she needs fresh ideas for a new web in order to maintain momentum and secure Wilbur’s safety. Charlotte agrees that putting “terrific” on the web would amaze Homer, as does the goose.

How does the old sheep convince Templeton?

Templeton is persuaded to attend by the old sheep, who tells him about all the leftover food he will find at the fair. Templeton burrows himself in the straw, while Charlotte hides in a knothole in Wilbur’s box.

What did Templeton agree to do for Wilbur’s slops?

Templeton agrees to eat from Wilbur’s meal first provided the rat receives the egg sac. Finally, Templeton agrees to assist. On the way home, Wilbur carries the sac in his mouth. Charlotte dies alone the following day after saying her goodbyes to her pals.

What happens in chapter 11 of Charlotte’s Web?

Summary of Chapter 11 Charlotte spun a web that said “Some Pig” in order to rescue Wilbur. She is dissatisfied since she is unable to spend time alone with her animal companions. 1 Avery tried to grab Charlotte, but he ended up breaking the rotten egg. Charlotte was thus rescued.

What happens in chapter 14 of Charlotte’s Web?

Fern’s mother goes to see Dr. Dorian, the village doctor. She informs him about her worries about Fern, including how much time she spends with Wilbur the pig, Charlotte’s letter-weaving web, and the miracle that everyone thinks has occurred.

How did the rotten egg Save Charlotte and her web?

Avery loses his balance climbing the fence into the enclosure and crashes on the edge of Wilbur’s trough, toppling it over. The rotting egg Templeton had buried under the trough bursts, filling the room with a foul odor. Charlotte is rescued when Fern and Avery hold their noses and flee.

How does Charlotte spin her web?

Spiders, like Charlotte, begin spinning webs by squirting a small stream of silk that catches on a solid object such as a twig or leaf.

What happens in chapter 5 of Charlotte’s Web?

Wilbur starts calling out to the voice he heard the night before, which annoys the other barn animals by waking them up. He eventually encounters the voice he’s been hearing after eating breakfast and getting ready for his morning sleep. Charlotte the spider comes revealed to be the culprit.

What page is Chapter 6 in night?

Elie watches his father grin as he wakes up. “That grin will stay with me forever. What planet did it originate from?” Elie, on page 86 of Chapter 6, is perplexed.

How did Charlotte save Wilbur’s life?

The popular story is set on a farm and follows Wilbur, a pig, and Charlotte, his faithful friend, the spider who saves his life by writing about him on her web.

What caused the explosion in the barn in Charlotte’s Web?

What caused the barn explosion? The rotting goose egg caused the explosion. Charlotte was saved by an unhatched goose egg. The goose egg rescued Charlotte because the foul odor caused Avery to flee and miss Charlotte.

What happens in chapter 3 of Charlotte’s Web?

3rd Chapter Summary Wilbur is housed in a cosy and cozy pigpen in the Zuckermans’ barn basement. The lambs, geese, and other animals have learned to trust Fern since she visits him practically every day. Nonetheless, Wilbur becomes bored. He is only allowed to wander outside into his little enclosed yard before returning to his confinement.


The “the old sheep thought templeton could help” is a question that asks what bad news did the old sheep deliver to Wilbur. The answer is that the old sheep told Wilbur that Templeton would be able to help him.

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