What Good News Does Amir Learn In Chapter 13?

In Chapter 13, Amir receives some wonderful news. On his typewriter, he wrote a narrative about a man and his kid in Kabul, and it was reviewed by someone in New York who wanted to be his agent, and his book was published later that month.

Similarly, What happens in chapter 13 of The Kite Runner?

Amir recalls sitting on a couch with Soraya during the wedding in Chapter 13. They are draped in a veil and gaze in a mirror at their reflections. He tells her for the first time that he loves her, and they spend the night together for the first time. Baba passes away shortly after.

Also, it is asked, What does Amir find under Baba’s blanket in chapter 13?

Soraya slips Amir’s old leather-bound notepad — the one Rahim Khan gave him – beneath Baba’s blanket one day when Amir returns home. They confess that they’ve both been reading his tales, and Amir needs to leave the room to weep.

Secondly, What does Amir learn about Baba at Baba’s funeral?

At Baba’s burial, Amir gains a new feeling of maturity as he understands he no longer has his father to guide him.

Also, Did Amir tell his girlfriend his secret?

Soraya is overcome with excitement at his acceptance, and Amir admires her for confessing and dealing with her secret. He’s still terrified of informing her about Hassan. Because of his own sinful background, Amir avoids the biases of his society. He admires Soraya’s bravery, but he lacks her courage.

People also ask, How does Amir change in The Kite Runner?

Following the rape, Amir undergoes a transformation. His guilt, in combination with his passivity, selfishness, and envy, drives him to hate. He shuns Hassan and refuses to be his buddy any more.

Related Questions and Answers

Why does Rahim Khan call Amir?

Because Rahim Khan is critically unwell, Amir is summoned to Pakistan.

Does Amir have a child in The Kite Runner?

Only two things stand between Amir and perfect happiness after he has married and established a career: his remorse and his inability to have a child with Soraya. Sohrab, who serves as a stand-in for Hassan for Amir, ends up solving both difficulties.

How long have Amir and Soraya been married?

2- Have Amir and Soraya been married for a long time? (15 years) 3- How long did Amir intend to remain away? 4- What was Rahim Khan’s residence? (In Pakistan, Peshawar) 5- After Baba and Amir departed Kabul, who resided in Baba’s house?

What does Soraya look like?

Soraya was Amir’s wife and a dull, unchanging figure in the plot. Her nose was delicately hooked, her eyes were bright, and she had a sickle-shaped birthmark on her jaw. She was lovely and kind.

What chapter does Amir get beat up by Assef?

Chapter 23

What did Amir learn about the Taheris after he and Soraya got married?

Amir learns a few things about the Taheris now that he’s married to Soraya: the General suffers from blinding migraine headaches about once a month; Khanum Taheri was a famous singer in Kabul before she married the General; Khanum Taheri loves Johnny Carson; Khanum Taheri also loves to talk about her.

Who married Amir?


Who is Amir wife kite Runner?

Amir’s Soraya

Who is the swap meet Princess?

Hosseini, Khaled. Amir recalls lengthy evenings spent with Hassan in Afghanistan (particularly, the first night of winter, or yelda). He is now up late thinking about Soraya. “My Swap Meet Princess,” as Amir refers to her.

What is Amir’s last name?

Baba and Amir’s surnames were never given in the novel, which caused a problem with the screenplay. It was fixed by closing the scenario with the announcement of “June Kitagawa.” Director Marc Forster said in the DVD commentary that he requested Khaled Hosseini to pick a last name for the prop book’s dust cover.

Is Amir a good person in The Kite Runner?

Throughout his youth, Amir was a sad youngster, his jealousy and then timidity led to actions he would later regret. However, the same youngster finds atonement through Hassan’s son, Sohrab. He goes and battles to locate the youngster, demonstrating his bravery.

How old is Amir in The Kite Runner?

around 11 years old

Is Rahim Khan Hassan’s dad?

Hassan and his wife were slain when Hassan refused to allow the Taliban to seize Baba and Amir’s Kabul home. Ali was infertile and not Hassan’s real father, according to Rahim Khan. Hassan was Amir’s half brother, since he was the son of Sanaubar and Baba.

Who is Hassan’s real father?

Amir then adds insult to injury by evicting Ali and Hassan from the home. Baba also deceived his own closest friend and servant – Ali, Hassan’s father – by fathering a kid (Hassan) with Ali’s wife Sanaubar, Amir discovers later in the novel.

Who says for you a thousand times over?

‘A thousand times over for you!’ Amir just won the kite competition by cutting the blue kite. Hassan’s comments, yelled to Amir as he “runs” Amir’s blue kite, demonstrate Hassan’s unwavering devotion to Amir.

Is Soraya infertile in The Kite Runner?

The inference in the text is that Soraya’s infertility is her own, rather than Amir’s, particularly because Amir claims to have passed his fertility test with flying colors (p. 161).

What is Soraya’s secret?

Soraya’s secret, that she ran away and lived with a drug-addicted guy for a month when she was eighteen, is now out in the open for her to cope with. Amir is envious of her lack of exposure to the dysfunction of concealment. Baba kept Hassan’s biological fatherhood a secret until he died.

What happens to Hassan’s first child?

Hassan and his wife, Farzana, refuse to reside in Rahim Khan’s home and instead dwell in Ali’s old hut. They begin to look after Rahim Khan as well as the home. Their kid does not survive.

What does Jan mean in Kite Runner?

a word of affection

Who is Khanum Taheri?

Khanum Taheri adores both Soraya and Amir, while the General comes out as a clumsy government figure. (The General had a nice career with the Defense Ministry in Afghanistan.) The General is both intimidating and endearing.

Who is Hassan’s mother?


Why did Soraya cut her hair?

She is said to have squandered her honor. Soraya’s father punished her for tarnishing the family’s reputation and name. He forced her to shave her head as he stood in front of her and watched. Soraya was humiliated by this conduct, and she couldn’t go out in public until her hair came back.

Who is Baba kite Runner?

Amir’s father, Baba, is a hero and a powerful figure in Kabul. Baba and Amir never seem to get along, particularly in Afghanistan. Baba is constantly doing something kind for others and appears to have high expectations of his kid.

Who saves Amir?

Sohrab is rescuing Amir. Despite the fact that Amir is a more visible rescuer to Sohrab, Sohrab rescues Amir just as effectively. Amir’s inability to have children with Soraya is one of his greatest regrets.

Did Assef join Taliban?

Assef responds that money isn’t the reason he joined the Taliban. He tells Amir about being imprisoned and how one night a guard started kicking him until a kidney stone that had been causing him significant agony was removed. He started to chuckle out of relief. He knew then that God was on his side.

Who saves Amir from Assef What weapon does this character use?

After Assef, Amir gets one as well. Symbolic of Amir’s redemption and sacrifice. Hassan’s kid; Assef purchases him; Amir rescues him with his slingshot.

How does Soraya react to Amir’s news?

Soraya states at the conclusion of the narrative that Amir must bring Sohrab back with him, and she is looking forward to seeing him. Amir ultimately tells Soraya about his past, just as he should have done the day of their engagement when she informed him about her previous relationship.

Why does Amir decide to marry Soraya despite what she has done in her past?

Despite all she has done in the past, Amir chooses to marry Soraya. He recognizes that Soraya is likely to be the finest wife he will ever have. Before Baba dies, he wants to marry someone, and Soraya is his best opportunity. Because of what he has done, he recognizes he has no right to pass judgment on another person’s history.

Why is Amir Jealous of Soraya?

Amir is tempted yet unwilling to acknowledge his history. He sees that he is not in a position to “chastise someone for their history” and admits that he is envious of Soraya since her secret is no longer a secret and is now public.


Amir learns that he will be able to keep his job at the restaurant.

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