Who Does Georgia Tech Play Tomorrow?

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The Rival

The Rival is a college football game that is played every year between the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. The game is usually played on the first Saturday of November and is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

The History of the Rivalry

The Rivalry between Georgia Tech and University of Georgia began in 1892. The two schools are only separated by 70 miles, which makes this one of the closest rivalries in college football. The Rivalry is also one of the oldest, as the two teams have been playing each other almost every year since 1898.

In the early years of the Rivalry, both teams were nationally competitive. In 1917, Georgia Tech went undefeated and became national champions. UGA followed suit the next year, going undefeated and claiming their first national championship.

The Rivalry really heated up in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1952, UGA came from behind to beat GT in what has been dubbed “the Miracle on Techwood Drive.” Then in 1966, Georgia Tech upset a heavily favored UGA team that was undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation. The victory gave Georgia Tech their first ever win over a #1 ranked team.

The Rivalry entered a new era in 1983 when legendary coach Vince Dooley retired from UGA. Since then, there have been many great games between the two teams. In 1999, UGA upset then #1 ranked GT on a last-second field goal. The game was so close that it was dubbed “the choking dogs” game by GT fans.

In 2014, the Rivalry took on a new meaning when GT and UGA both joined the SEC Conference. Now, not only are these two teams rivals on the field, but they are also competing for conference supremacy.

Who does Georgia Tech play tomorrow? We’ll find out soon enough!

The Current Rivalry

Georgia Tech’s football program is steeped in tradition and rivalries. The team’s biggest rivalry is with the University of Georgia, with whom they play for the Governor’s Cup every year. The game is usually played at the end of the season, and both teams frequently enter the contest ranked in the Top 25. Fans of both teams consider the game to be one of the most important on their team’s schedule, and it often has implications for conference and national championships. The winner of the game receives bragging rights for the state of Georgia (and sometimes beyond) until the next year’s contest.

The Game

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are set to take on the Clemson Tigers tomorrow in Death Valley. This will be a tough game for the Jackets, as the Tigers are coming off a National Championship win. However, Tech has proved they can hang with the best of them, as they took down then-No. 3 Notre Dame earlier this season.

The Location of the Game

The game will be played at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Time of the Game

The time of the game has not yet been announced.

The Fans

The Georgia Tech Fans

Georgia Tech fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated in all of college football. They love their team and they love to tailgate. They are also very superstitious, so if you’re planning on attending a game, be sure to wear your lucky shirt or jacket.

Georgia Tech fans are also known for being polite and respectful to their opponents. You’ll often see them cheering for both teams, even when their team is losing.

If you want to really endear yourself to a Georgia Tech fan, learn the words to “I’m a Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech.” They’ll love you for it.

The Rival Fans

The Rival Fans is a website dedicated to providing information on who Georgia Tech will be playing next. The website includes a schedule of upcoming games, as well as a history of the team’s rivals.

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